The Advantages of Living in Student Housing

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Published: 23rd October 2011
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Admission to colleges and universities have increased in recent years, and with the rise of the student population also came the proliferation of both on-campus and off-campus student housing. Both types of accommodation have their respective advantages and disadvantages, and weighing these can be a deciding factor in where a student is best fit to live. However, if itís the studentís first year at university, the best option to consider would be on-campus housing.

Although some students might be against it, wanting to live outside in an apartment or flat instead, on-campus student housing would give parents and relatives peace of mind. Students living on-campus are guaranteed to be much safer than those who live off-campus. Most universities employ campus police who patrol the grounds every hour of every day, and most university housing also have curfews that they strictly implement.

Students living on-campus also tend to be more involved with extracurricular activities, like clubs, committees and organizations. This is because all the news about these events are easily accessible, and living right on-campus gives students more freedom to try new things without having to worry about other factors like coming home late or living too far away.

According to a recent study, students that live in byu student housing have higher graduation rates than those who reside off-campus or at home. This could be due to the quieter atmosphere in student housing, which is much more conducive to research and study. It can also be attributed to the restriction of alcohol in on-campus student facilities, deterring the likelihood of parties or other activities that could disrupt a studentís studies.

byu student housing are also melting pots of culture. It provides a venue for invaluable social experience, and enables the student to learn more about other peopleís beliefs and traditions. This greatly expands the studentís knowledge, and gives incredible insight on the way other people live and interact. Itís also the perfect way to meet new friends and make connections.

If parents still canít sell this idea to their kids, there are also byui approved housing around certain universities that arenít on-campus but still accredited by the universityís housing committee. There is no doubt that living in student housing is the best way for any student to make the most of the college experience, whether on-campus or in other accredited lodging.

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